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New Homes in San Antonio, Texas - How to Choose a Builder


In my experience as a Realtor I have found that most buyers tend to think that the Realtor is not a necessary part of the process, or not even aware that we sell new homes too. 


Building a new home without someone to represent you is much like buying stock without a stock broker. Unless you are one, you really don't know how to find good stocks, value them, choose your options, or how to ensure that you aren't getting scammed. Building homes even with the most reputable builder is always a risk because the New Home Sales Representative represents the builder, not you.


When you buy a car do you think the sales guy is truly giving you the best deal? It's the same thing with building a home.  I always hate it when the sales person needs to talk to the manager to get the offer approved. It gives me the creeps!  Unfortunately, when buying a home, there is not a licensed professional to help you make your decision.


Up to now we are generally talking about purchases $30,000 or less, but now let's talk homes.


Not all builders are the same.  I recently sold a new home through a new builder and have to say that this was possibly my most professional new home sales process thus far. The sales team didn't over-sell  my client, the information was clear, the building process was timely and the sales team kept me and my client informed on a weekly basis. Contrary to that, I have another home under production and it hasn't gone as smoothly. I spoke to the owner (its a small local company) and it turns out, they had just hired a new Regional Manager that was now going to give me a and my client a bi-monthly update. It just took a little pushing to get them back on track with my client.


Not all communities are the same. Our fastest growing area at present is the 78254 & 78253 zip codes. It's flat land, which is easier to develop than hilly, it has proper infrastructure to support mass growth, & shopping abounds. But even within those zip codes the communities vary, considerably. One offers no amenities with HOA fee of $300/year. Another offers swimming pools, tennis courts, play grounds, & even a fitness center for $500/year. One other one offers swimming, club house, and play ground with HOA dues of $250/year. If amenities are important to you then ask Cathy Bureau to help you with that.

Interesetd in Green Features?  This by far is the most confusing aspect of choosing a builder. What is better, radiant barrier or bigger A/C? Spray foam or celluose?  But I'm not confused - this is my favorite part! If saving money and living healthier is imortant to you, then ask Cathy Bureau to help you with that.


Then there is the school factor, the resale factor, and the growth factor. Wouldn't be nice to know about those things before making your purchase?  Your sales guy will tell you much, but not necessarily present everything in your best interest; they have no obligation! I do so give Cathy Bureau a ring at (210) 378-2489.


How much does all this cost? Nothing at all.But without me you may be overpaying for your next home.  With or without my services, my services are already factored into the sales price of the home.  If you don't choose Cathy Bureau to help you, know that you are not getting a rebate, but the builder makes a little more profit.  Believe it or not, builders love Realtors! Ask any of them. Well, most Realtors. Many Realtors, like in other professions, do not do their job well. It's just reality.


I have a very strong and positive relationship with the builders in my community. New Home sales people around here know that I am a professional that makes the whole process go more smoothly.  


If you are thinking about building and want to know more about this process or ready to get started then give Cathy Bureau a ring -I'm here to help you make some smart choices!






SunAgent CertifiedCathy Bureau, NAR GREEN, EcoBroker, recently obtained the SunAgent certification being test marketed out of New Jersey for real estate solar education. As the founder of Green Home Realty, Cathy Bureau is an entrepreneur recognized in the industry by builders and colleagues for her expertise in green real estate. She is a member of Build San Antonio Green and the Texas Green Network-SA. You can find her via website:, blogs:, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest, and Natural Awakenings SA Magazine Please contact her directly to schedule her as a guest speaker or for media interviews for your company events.




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Hi Cathy, First let me say I love the Turkey!

Another Great blog! Good education about buying a new home and how beneficial it would be for them to have you represent them in the transaction.

Posted by Maggie McFarland, Pearland Realtor, Homes for Sale in Pearland Texas (RE/MAX Pearland - Maggie McFarland) about 3 years ago

So many reasons to have a great Realtor representing people in their home purchase. I know they'd be very thankful if they choose YOU! And with so many builders touting green this and that - it's important to have one with the proper education and experience to help wade through the claims versus the reality. D


Posted by Debb Janes, REALTOR®, EcoBroker Camas, Washington (The Carl Group, LLC) about 3 years ago

Cathy, all the information on your post about how to choose a builder shown that you are an experienced new home REALTOR®

Posted by Kwee Huset, Venice Florida Homes For Sale (Kwee Huset Realty) about 3 years ago

Hi Cathy,

every time we assist buyers with buying and or building a new home the buyers always underestimate the huge commitment it takes to go through the process and journey.

In addition we have so many builders making short cuts that are harming the quality of the home, the buyers are hoping to move into.

Pfanntastic tips

Posted by Peter Pfann @ 1 Percent Realty Victoria, and Pay-Less For Victoria Real Estate Results!, Talk To Peter 250-213-9490 (1 PERCENT REALTY, Victoria BC about 3 years ago

Cathy, you should archive your AR green posts, I just did mine check it out...

Posted by David Popoff, Realtor®,SRS, Green ~ Fairfield County, Ct (DMK Real Estate ) about 3 years ago